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Piazza Santa Vittoria
via Santa Vittoria, Tornareccio, Chieti, 66046, Abruzzo
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It is with great pleasure that Dionne Swift and Invizin/Hilary Binder officially donate the beautiful quilt to the City of Tornareccio.
Over 70 local people, including school children, participated in the creation of this quilt. All the textile materials were donated, dyed with natural colors, silk-screened with images that reflect the region and local interests, and finally, sewn together as a symbol of community unity
The quilt honors the textile history of the area, particularly the history of Margarita, who created her quilts in the historic center of Tornareccio many years ago. For us, the quilt also suggests the acceptance by and the integration into our new community through sharing and exchanging skills.
The quilt will be presented on August 19, 2018 during a ceremony in Santa Vittoria square, accompanied by a choral performance by Coro Contrappunto, a dance performance by Associazione camminando insieme [Chieti], and a poetry reading by Antonietta Di Paolo.

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