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Where is Here? pilot residency program project 

Is ‘here’ different from ‘there’? Is here an actual place, an imagined or remembered place? Is here a place that only exists when you’re in it? And if you leave here, where would you go?

Canadian artists My Name Is Scot and Leannej will lead a three-week intensive series of workshops at Invizin that explore what it is to be ‘here’– Here in the moment, in this place, in the real world, in a new place, in a virtual space, in memory, or in your body.

The workshops will employ a variety of hands on approaches to collecting images, creating media, and telling stories. The workshops will encourage participants to experiment with a variety of techniques, media, and devices ranging from cell phone technology to oral history. We will be working individually and in groups to explore the symbols, structures and concepts that define our ideas of time and place.

The project will partner with the Eta Beta Cooperative Migrant Centers in Città Sant’ Angelo and Pescara to include collaborations with residents and local psychologist Dr. Antonio Iannone,  ensuring a diversity of perspectives and promoting new and lasting connections. One of the outcomes of the workshop process will be the creation of a short collective video piece that can potentially be screened in cultural facilities, community centers, on the web and in other public spaces. The participants will develop creative skills, gain confidence in expressing personal ideas and discover new strategies for community engagement. Time permitting, there will be a final public presentation at Invizin where the participants can share their work with family and friends.



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