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Via Selva del Moro ,16,, Città Sant’Angelo
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Where is Here? – Stories about Migration and Home

A project for the pilot residency program at Invizin


Final event open to the public

Saturday July 2, 2016 16:00 – 19:00

Torre del Moro

Via Selva del Moro, 16, 65013 Citta’ Sant’Angelo PE


Is ‘here’ different from ‘there’? Is here an actual place, an imagined or remembered place? Is here a place that only exists when you’re in it? And if you leave here, where would you go?

The Canadian artists My Name Is Scot and Leannej offered a series of intensive workshops for the pilot residency program at Invizin. Together with Dr. Antonio Iannone, Hilary Binder, the staff at Eta Beta and some of the residents at the immigrant welcome center Torre del Moro, they explored the ideas and feelings that are associated with the places we come from and the places we move to.

The workshops encouraged participants to experiment with a variety of techniques, media, and devices ranging from cell phone technology to oral history. Participants worked individually and in groups to explore the symbols, structures and concepts that define ideas of time and place.

The final event will include results from the workshops, and present the participants’ stories using video, performances and conversation.
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