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Sala San Rocco
piazza San Rocco, Palombaro
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IO!, INVIZIN and L’Associazione Culturale IL PONTE present

Experiments With Improvised Music

esperimento-musica-improvvisataSala San Rocco
December 10 @ 8:30 pm

On December 10 Your! Moment arrives….
I!, INVIZIN and L’Associazione Culturale IL PONTE have the pleasure to invite you to play music, improvise, express yourself, and meet others with your same passion for music.
Instruments available on Saturday, December 10 include two drum sets with various percussion elements, one guitar amp, one bass amp…a keyboard and a PA system with several inputs and mics for any other instruments you may bring with you. Of course, it is better if you bring your own instruments, and all instruments will shared.

The plan is that you arrive at 8:30 pm at the theater and sign up individually. Subsequently, 2 or 3 names are drawn from the collection to form the groups. These groups are then free to choose the instruments used and the music to be played, with the caveat that there won’t be any cover songs. Instead, you will improvise for the 10 minutes allotted together with the musician or musicians drawn together with you. The groups can be of any type, thus deciding the content.

Naturally, not only musicians are invited, but all music lovers in general who will help raise the performances to the highest level.

Don’t miss it!

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